Course Curriculum

ARC Specialist Certification

Course Curriculum


The ARC Specialist Training and Certification program provides education on ARC's policies, procedures, products and services.

The following topics are covered during training:

  • ARC 101 – An overview of ARC, its role in the industry, and its core business
  • The Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) – An overview of the ARA, a three-party contract between ARC, ARC accredited agencies, and ARC participating airlines. It defines the requirements for an agent to receive and maintain their ARC accreditation
  • ARC Accreditations – The different types of ARC agency participation, becoming an ARC accredited agency
  • My ARC – An overview on ARC's customer web portal, which provides ARC accredited agents access to ARC tools (i.e. IAR) using a single sign-on (one username, one password)
  • Document Types – The different types of documents that are issued to ARC accredited agencies and are processed by ARC or ARC participating airlines
  • Document Security – The ticket security rules that apply to ARC accountable documents
  • Taxes, Fees and Charges – An overview of the applicable U.S. taxes, fees and charges that can apply to a ticket transaction, plus a review of when they apply, their rules and exceptions
  • Credit Card Processing – Accepting credit card forms of payment on behalf of ARC participating airlines
  • Ticketing – How to read the key areas of a airline ticket (i.e. Fare Calculation area)
  • ARC's Sales Reporting Process – The process for reporting ticket transactions issued by ARC accredited agents to ARC
  • Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) – An overview on ARC's electronic sales reporting tool that is used to report ticket transactions issued by ARC accredited agencies
  • ARC's Void and Modification Rules – ARC's rules for voiding and modifying ticket transactions that are issued by an ARC accredited agent
  • Adjustments – The different types of agent and airline adjustments that can be issued and processed (i.e. agent automated deductions, debit memos)
  • ARC Memo Manager (AMM) – An overview on ARC's tool that is used to facilitate the issuance, processing and settlement of adjustment ticket transactions
  • Refunds and Exchanges – The different types of refunds and exchange transactions that are issued by ARC accredited agencies. Rules, common errors and best practices agents should follow.
  • ARC Pay – An overview of ARC Pay and the ARC Pay Hub, a credit card processing tool
  • IAR Back Office System (BOS) –An overview of the IAR BOS, a tool that is used to reconcile ticket transactions processed in IAR to transactions that are in an agent's own GDS's back-office or accounting system
  • Internet Sales Summary (ISS) – An electronic sales report that is available to agents weekly, showing their sales transactions that were processed by ARC
  • Document Retrieval Service (DRS) – An overview of DRS, an online storage tool that stores ticket transactions up to 39 months.
  • Agent Resources – ARC resources that are available to ARC accredited agencies (i.e. Travel Agent Communications, Airline E-ticket Matrix).