Internet Sales Summary (ISS)

Internet Sales Summary (ISS)

ARC’s Internet Sales Summary (ISS) is a report of all settled sales, containing quarter-to-date breakdowns of domestic and international fares by cash and credit, commission and transaction count.

Access 2 Years of Settled Transaction Data

Easy Navigation

Move through a report or explore the details of a transaction with easy point-and-click navigation, plus step-by-step online help is available.

Editable Data

View transaction data the day after issuing in your GDS and easily correct errors, modify commissions, or add transactions, refunds, memos or voids.

PCI Compliant

Data is stored securely and protected by firewalls and security controls. Credit card masking is also available.

Historical Data

Access more than three years of data. Initial data is available the day after GDS issuance, and settled data is available when reported to the airline


Reduce Data Filing Efforts

ISS stores two years of submitted sales report data for a quick way for agencies to review revenue, compare sales and validate reported ARC transactions, without the clutter of bulky paper files or cost of security and storage.


Enhance Agency Sales Analysis

View summary-level data for individual transactions as well as summarized totals of transaction counts, commission and fares, net cash, net credit, taxes, penalties and more to understand the current state of your business.


Speed Up Access to Settled Sales

Access your weekly settled sales data. Reports are available three days after sales report authorization, at which point can be viewed, printed or downloaded. IAR reports electronically authorized/submitted on Tuesday will be accessible by Friday of the same week in ISS.


Customize Agent Access

Your agency's My ARC Primary Administrator has the authority to allow or limit access to the agent sales summary by user. Access to the sales report is permitted according to the ARC Number assigned to the user.


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