Document Retrieval Service

Document Retrieval Service

Document Retrieval Service (DRS) is a secure record-keeping system for ARC participants of more than three years of IAR-reported ticketing data.

Access 60 Months of Settled Transaction Data

Easy Navigation

Move through a report or explore the details of a transaction with easy point-and-click navigation, plus step-by-step online help is available.

Editable Data

View transaction data the day after issuing in your GDS and easily correct errors, modify commissions, or add transactions, refunds, memos or voids.

PCI Compliant

Data is stored securely and protected by firewalls and security controls. Credit card masking is also available.

Historical Data

Access up to five years of data. Initial data is available the day after GDS issuance, and settled data is available when reported to the airline


Eliminate Paper Costs

With facsimile images of agent coupons, auditor coupons and other support documents, DRS eliminates the need to print and store sensitive paper coupons as well as the need to order ticket stock and printer supplies.


Improve Search Efforts

Intuitive and easy-to-use, DRS allows users to quickly search in various ways, including by document number, PNR, date of issue and reporting PED, as well as the ability to filter by document number ranges, passenger name, document type or credit card number.


Gain Complete Transaction Details

Having a complete record of historical transaction data—the same data reported through IAR—allows users to view tickets and documents one by one, with refund and exchange history, or grouped by Reporting Period or Period Ending Date (PED).


Enjoy Flexible File Options

DRS allows users to print facsimile images, including agent coupons, auditor coupons and RENs, and has the ability to mask credit card numbers and/or passenger names as well as suppress commission information. Transactions can also be downloaded into a variety of file formats.


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