Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR)

Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR)

ARC’s Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) is an electronic sales reporting system for travel agents and CTDs that facilitates the settlement of sales, refunds, exchanges, memos and TASFs.

Automating the Sales Reporting Process

Easy Navigation

Move through a report or explore the details of a transaction with easy point-and-click navigation, plus step-by-step online help is available.

Editable Data

View transaction data the day after issuing in your GDS and easily correct errors, modify commissions, or add transactions, refunds, memos or voids.

PCI Compliant

Data is stored securely and protected by firewalls and security controls. Credit card masking is also available.

Instant Accessibility

Access IAR through My ARC as soon as you become a fully accredited travel agent or corporate travel department (CTD), at no cost.


Streamline Settlement Processes

Interactive, reliable and accurate, IAR revolutionizes the air settlement process by capturing all transaction data and sales reports electronically, eliminating the need for paper.


Tailor Data Search and Storage

IAR’s intuitive dashboard helps users easily find the transactions they’re looking for and to view counts and financial details. Lists and reports can be printed or saved electronically for future use.


Enjoy Faster Access to Data

Sales and refunds in IAR are output to airlines after the next business day, while other documents are sent post settlement. Faster, cleaner data means better quality and accounting, fewer memos and quicker analysis. Plus, the authorized net remittance is drafted five days after the PED.


Gain Back Office System Support

IAR offers support of agency back office accounting systems (BOS) by providing real-time and scheduled IAR BOS data files that can be used to reconcile differences between IAR and the agency’s BOS.


IAR Resource Center

Learn how to access IAR, modify transactions, add tickets to a sales report, refund and void transactions, authorize or reverse the authorization of your sales report, and more. This resource page offers additional tools to help you get started with IAR, including product reference and quick start guides, training videos and a Back Office System (BOS) file user guide.

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