Verified Travel Consultant

Travel Agencies

ARC’s Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) Program


Gain Global Recognition

As a VTC, agencies receive an ARC number, recognized by suppliers industrywide, which signifies that an agency has gone through ARC’s vetting process and can now access a broad supplier base to book travel and receive commissions.


Get a Seat at the Table

Through participation with ARC, agents have direct access to airlines, technology partners and industry peers to collaborate on issues, trends and goals to better the business they do together. ARC unites the travel industry with topic-specific working groups, industry conferences and more.

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I had been nervous about starting my own agency after being an independent contractor for another. But, I never felt more empowered as when I spoke to ARC the day after receiving my accreditation certificate. With other accreditation options, you sign up, get a card, period. With ARC, I get individual support for my business, training, updated fraud alerts and easy access to commissionable tours and hotels that I wouldn’t normally find.


Increase Revenue Potential

VTCs have access to ARC’s products as well as ARC Pay which allows agents to charge for any travel-related service.

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Access to Training and Support

ARC provides training, webinars and other resources throughout the year to help agents manage and enhance their businesses. Included in this support, are fraud protection services and alerts, including information about the latest schemes.

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Get Started


Check out ARC’s most frequently asked questions about becoming an ARC VTC.