Airline Refund Information

The following airlines have elected to manage ARC accredited travel agency refunds directly and confirmed that decision with ARC. Refunds for these airlines have been inhibited through their GDSs and the ARC settlement system. To make it as easy as possible for agencies to contact airlines regarding refunds, ARC is providing relevant contact information* below.

Please note that this information is provided as a resource by ARC. For specific airline policies and guidelines, please reference the airline’s website or contact the airline directly.


Numeric Code


Contact Information


Date Updated

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*As a courtesy to the industry, ARC is providing these hyperlinks, which lead users to the airline's website that may include, for example, ticketing, booking, refunds, exchange, and schedule change rules. These hyperlinks are subject to change without notice. ARC uses reasonable care in compiling and presenting the hyperlink, but ARC gives no guarantee that the content behind the hyperlink is complete, accurate, error or virus free or up to date. Please note, the information contained behind the hyperlink is not the sole source of information from the airline and may not include all fare rules/ticketing rules. Therefore, ARC recommends travel agents take care to read all information published by the airline and all rules for the fares being booked, ticketed and/or refunded.