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ARC provides airlines with tools, training and answers to frequently asked questions.

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ARC is committed to your learning. Through our self-paced knowledge center, we want you to have the information that you require to answer your questions regarding ARC’s tools, processes and service to learn more.


Our Most Requested Resources

For processing purposes, ARC's calendar year is divided into four quarters. This schedule displays 53 weeks of processing dates for 2017.

ARC's participating airlines represent the premier providers of air and rail travel services worldwide.

This contains operational requirements from ARC, and rules and instructions supplied by airlines.

ARC Check provides an easy, quick way to check a travel agency's participation status within ARC.

This quick reference document highlights the accreditation process and answers frequently asked questions.

This monthly publication for ARC-participating airlines provides compelling information relevant to the travel industry.

ARC provides airlines with the latest information on fraud in the travel industry and tips on preventing fraud to protect your business.

The Airline Ticket Matrix summarizes individual airline ticketing policies and EDIFACT messaging capabilities as a service to travel agencies.