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ARC 101

Over the past 30 years, ARC has served as the financial backbone of travel distribution, providing the industry with a world-class settlement system and data solutions. The videos in this module will provide information all about ARC – yesterday, today and tomorrow. You will learn more about the Carrier Services Agreement (CSA), the Manual for Carriers and the Financial Guarantee Program.

  • ARC 101
  • Airline Participation
  • Ticket Settlement
  • Everything You Need to Know about ARC

Reporting and Settlement

Following the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, ARC was incorporated in 1984 to process ticket transactions for U.S.-based travel agencies and to act as the financial clearinghouse between agencies and airlines. Over 30 years later, ARC is still in the industry gold standard of settlement. The videos in this module will focus on the ARC Settlement Process, including the ARC Processing Schedule, how ARC manages credit card billing, the importance of the Carrier Accounting Tape (CAT), the weekly disbursement process and more.

  • ARC’s Settlement Process
  • ARC Reporting and Settlement Schedule
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Documents
  • Understanding NDC
  • ATPCO 101

Tools and Resources

Do you know all the tools available to you behind My ARC? Here you’ll find more information on how to make the most of all these tools and resources. Learn more about the Carrier Dashboard, Document Retrieval Service (DRS), Notifications, Carrier Ticketing Authority Center (CTAC), Online Carrier Reports (OCR) and more.

  • My ARC
  • Carrier Dashboard
  • Understanding the Critical Role of the Primary Administrator
  • Online Carrier Reports Learning Series

ARC Products

Do you know all the products and services available to you as an ARC airline participant? In this module, you’ll find more information on our time-tested, secure products that help airlines complete sales and gain a greater understanding of their strategic business environments.

  • ARC Memo Manager Basics
  • ARC Memo Manager Agency View
  • Standardized Debit Memo Reason Codes
  • Debit Memo Working Group: Taking Aim at Debit Memos
  • ARC Ticket Resolution Services
  • ARC Airline BI

Agency Life Cycle

This section will provide you with a high-level overview of the agency experience at ARC. Here you will learn more about the accreditation process, including agency location inspections and training requirements. We’ll also walk you through how ARC is notified if an agent experiences a return draft during the weekly settlement process and how ARC collects on these transactions, and how the agency financial guarantee is applied to agent debt during the termination process.

  • ARC Agency Financial Management
  • Agency Accreditation
  • Agency Compliance to Default Process
  • Agency Post Default Collection Process

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention is a constant challenge across the travel industry. Airlines often experience similar trends and fight the same fraudsters. In these video tutorials, you’ll learn more about various schemes targeting the travel industry as well as best practices for fraud prevention to help you minimize financial losses and ensure a secure channel of commercial exchange.

  • Managing Chargebacks
  • Fraud Prevention Process
  • Fraud Investigations Process
  • Understanding 3D Secure