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ARC Accredited Agency FAQs

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How many people does it take to run an agency?

Only one! The same person can be a Manager, an ARC Specialist, an administrator for My ARC, as well as the first customer.

No. A bond, letter of credit or cash deposit (financial guarantee) is not needed before you apply and does not need to be submitted with the application. However, the application will not be considered complete until ARC receives the financial guarantee and all other required documents.

ARC requires one ARC Specialist staff at the home office location, who will be responsible for any additional locations, as well. The ARC Specialist must be named in the application before the application can be approved. However, that individual is not required to have already passed the ARC Specialist test at the time that the application is submitted. The proposed qualifier must pass the ARC Specialist test, and meet all other ARC requirements, before the application may be approved.

You must pass the ARC Specialist exam. Read more about this ARC Specialist training and examination.

The security requirements for ARC traffic documents and e-ticket numbers are described in Section B in the Industry Agents' Handbook (IAH).

Yes, a travel agency can be located in a private residence, as long as it meets the local jurisdiction requirements where the agency is located.

Remuneration and other commercial arrangements are matters between the agency and its suppliers. ARC is not involved in such matters and suggests that you contact individual suppliers directly.