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The CTD is intended for the purpose of purchasing airline transportation and services for its own employees, owners and officers (i.e., in-house travel department). This is unlike an agency that is open and accessible to the general public for the retail sale of air transportation. The Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) governs a travel agency, and a separate Corporate Travel Department Reporting Agreement (CTDRA) governs a CTD.

Yes. Once the home office of the CTD is approved, the entity will be able to apply for remote branches. A branch request can be submitted online in the Accreditation Tool in My ARC.

A CTD may be located on the premises of the parent company, one of its wholly owned subsidiaries, or another ARC-approved travel agency to service the business needs of the entire organization.

The CTD DBA or "doing business as" name can be any name you choose, so long as it is not the same as, or misleadingly similar to, an airline, and it is not identified as an airline office.

ARC is aware of some requirements and may be able to assist with broad suggestions in this area. However, it is up to the CTD to ensure that they are in compliance with all requisite local, state and federal licenses required to operate the CTD from the designated location.

ARC requires one ARC Specialist staff at the Home Office Location, which will be responsible for any additional locations as well. The ARC Specialist must be named in the application before the application can be processed. However, that individual is not required to have already passed the ARC Specialist test at the time that the application is submitted. The proposed qualifier must pass the ARC Specialist test and meet all other ARC requirements before the CTD application may be approved.

ARC will provide basic location information on the approved CTD to airlines and other industry suppliers who purchase ARC data. Those files will also identify the CTD as a corporate purchaser, as opposed to a travel agent who is a retail seller of travel.

Remuneration and other commercial arrangements are matters between the CTD and its suppliers. ARC is not involved in such matters and suggests that you contact individual suppliers directly.

The entire application process can take up to 90 days from the date all information is received. For a publicly held corporation, ARC requires a completed Personal History Form for only one corporate officer involved with the CTD. If all required information and documentation is included with the application, the process is simple and straightforward.

ARC may be able to offer generic suggestions that can assist in a smoother transition. However, ARC is unable to assist in the specific detail agreements between the proposed CTD and the ARC agency.