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Forms Catalog - Accreditation

In order to view and print the forms from the ARC Form Catalog you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. To download this free software visit Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Several of our forms have been moved to the new Accreditation Tool, which can be accessed via My ARC.

Please remember you must have been granted access by your Primary Administrator to access this new tool. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care Center at 855.816.8003.

The forms that have moved include the following:

  • Address changes
  • Bank account change
  • Bank account access
  • DBA name change
  • File information request
  • Legal name change
  • Office classification
  • Traditional Branch and Ticket Fulfillment Location (TFL)
  • Removal of existing owner
  • Officer change
  • Change in Qualifying Personnel
  • Change tax ID
  • Voluntary Cancellation

General Information

Form #Title
116 Affidavit of Traffic Document and/or Airline Identification Plate Destruction
245 ARC Administrator Re-designation for Travel Professionals

Forms 300-353 - Bond, Letter of Credit and Cash Security Deposit Information

Form #Title
300 ARC Financial Instrument General Requirements
302 Calculations and Maintenance
304 Letter of Credit Amendment
306 Bond Form
308 Letter of Credit Form
309 Cash Security Deposit Program Forms & Instructions
ARC Cash Security Deposit Release Request Form
Wire Transfer Instructions - Cash Security Deposit Program
310 ARC Pay Cash Security Deposit Form
353 2019 Fee Schedule

Form 401 - New Location Application

Form #Title
401 Agreement Covering Agencies Sharing Undivided Office Space
New Branch Certification and Agreements
Associate Branch Agreements

Form 610 - Change of Status Applications

Form #Title
610 Redesignation of a Home Office Location

Forms 652-655 - Application for Change of Ownership

Form #Title
652 Type 2 Ownership Change
653 Type 3 Ownership Change
654 Type 4 Ownership Change
Location Transfer Form
655 Type 5 Ownership Change
VTC Ownership Change Form
VTC Legal Name Change Form

Forms 656-679 - Continuation Forms

Utilize these forms if you need to supplement the information submitted on the primary application.

Form #Title
656 Ownership Changes (Continuation Page)
Individuals Affiliated with Branch (Continuation Page)
Owning Entity Ownership Supplemental Form
658 Branch/STP (Continuation Page)
670 Ownership of Applicant/Agent (Continuation Page)
671 PHF Supplementary Response Form
673 Ownership of or Affiliation with Another ARC Accredited Agency or Corporate Travel Department (Continuation Page)
674 Sharing Premises with Another ARC-Accredited Agency/STP/CTD (Continuation Page)
676 Access to Bank Accounts and Traffic Documents Continuation Form
678 Residence Continuation
679 Employment Continuation

Form 682 - Attachment for General Use by Agents

Form #Title
682 Personal History Form

Forms 743-770 - Corporate Travel Department

Form #Title
743 Authorization to Honor Checks Drawn by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)
770 Agreement and Application for CTD Transfer