2016 Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts

2016 Fraud Alerts

ARC's fraud prevention team was recently cited by Manhattan District for their assistance in helping to indict a NYC-based travel agent.

Avoid phishing email scams. Do not open attachments or log into the GDS through an email.

ARC/IATA agencies, receive tips on how to reduce risk from agency identity theft.

Phishing emails entice the reader to open an attachment. Advise those with access to the GDS to not open attachments or log into the GDS via an email.

Beware of a woman who has called travel agents requesting tickets for same/next day travel for relatives due to a family emergency, she's a fraudster.

Travel agents have reported phishing emails. Take the proper fraud prevention precautions and do not open the attachment.

Agents confirmed that compromised credit cards are used for tickets that appear to be from a corporate account (i.e. university accounts).