2020 Fraud On Demand Webinars

This discussion will drill down from the macro-level impact of fraud in the financial sector to the direct impact on the travel sector. It will explore the commercial reasons why combatting fraud will remain a never-ending game of cat-and-mouse in dealing with the resilient criminal economy.

Learn about emerging fraud trends to watch as global markets come back online as restrictions are lifted on travel.

In the unpredictable wake of a global pandemic, where there is no such thing as “business as usual,” travel companies are facing immense challenges. Because of this chaotic environment, the nature of fraud is changing.

During this webinar, ARC’s revenue integrity and payments experts will share data on fraud trends they have seen so far in 2020, including insights specific to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airlines are adding flights to their schedules for summer, fall and into 2021. With that increase in capacity and as more people return to travel, agencies, airlines and GDSs need to be prepared to deal with the scams that have been on the rise.

In this webinar, ARC and Perseuss will share their observations and lessons learned during this turbulent time, as well as their outlook on fraud in the current industry landscape.

Join Doug Nass, ARC’s manager of fraud investigations, for this informative webinar on the latest fraud schemes and how to help your agency validate customer information with free online tools.