Internet Sales Summary (ISS)

Internet Sales Summary (ISS) FAQs


How do I access my Internet Sales Summary Reports?

ISS reports are only available through My ARC. Once signed in to My ARC, select 'Internet Sales Summary' from the list of available in the 'Your Products' list in the upper left corner of your My ARC homepage.

Can access to the agency's Sales Summary reports be restricted by user?

Your agency's My ARC Primary Administrator has the authority to allow or limit access to the Agent Sales Summary by user. Access to the sales report is permitted according to the ARC Number assigned to the user.

For example:

  • If you are assigned with the Home Office Location (HOL), then you have the ability to access ALL sales reports within your entity.
  • If you are assigned a branch ARC number, you can only access the branch sales report and any STP location that report to the branch.
  • If you are assigned a STP ARC number, you may only access that sales report.

When can I access my weekly sales reports?

If you electronically authorize/submit your IAR report on Tuesday, you will be able to view that report by Friday of the same week (waiting for the paper report could take up to a week to receive).

Will I still be required to keep my paper reports?

You are required to keep two years of sales reports, but ARC will store your sales reports for you in ISS. Once activated, you will eventually have two years of ISS sales reports which eliminates the need to store paper copies of sales reports. If you choose to save your sales reports longer than the two years available in ISS, be sure to print or save those reports on your computer's hard drive.

What web options do I have using the Internet Sales Summary product?

Accessing your sales reports on-line provides multiple functions that will ease your daily tasks.

Print: Enables you to print the entire sales report, a single page or range of pages of a sales report. Go to File, Page Setup or click on the print button. Be sure you set up the page to print landscape. Remove any header or footer.

Download: Enables you to save a report on your hard drive or disk. Go to File, Save As or click on the Download button. Choose the specific format.

Copy: Use this option to copy/paste parts of a sales report to e-mail or Word document. Highlight the data to be copied. Move to your e-mail or Word document and go to Edit, Copy, Paste Special- Unformatted Text.

Find: Locates specific data on the sales report or directory. Go to Edit, Find. Type in the data you are searching.

Load Entire Report: Use this button to use the scroll bar to view the entire report.

Go To: Use the "Go To" button to move directly to a particular page of the sales report.

Set: Using the "Set" button to move up/down the report by the number of pages you choose. Click on "Set", type in the number of pages you would like to move and then click on the scroll button (i.e. If you type in "2", the screen will move up/down two pages at a time).

Up/Down: The up and down arrows enable you to move to the next page or screen or to the top or bottom of the report.

Filter: Makes it possible to specify or narrow a search according to the data that you fill in.