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It's easy, all you need to do is complete the customized training request form and then our trainer will be contacting you directly to create the training curriculum that will provide the maximum educational benefit to your agents at the best affordable rate. We offer multiple options for any training level and number of agents at any location or desired method of training, such as in-person at ARC headquarters or at an agency location or by phone/webinar. Most importantly we want to offer training flexibility that best suits you and your agency.

Suggested Training Topics

Below are the suggested training topics and we can work with you on any other subject matter to meet your specific training requirements:

  • Accreditation Tool – Learn about the Accreditation tool, a web-based product that electronically facilitates the submission and processing of a growing list of ARC's agency accreditation application forms and change request.
  • Credit Card Processing – Accepting credit card forms of payment on behalf of ARC participating airlines.
  • Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) – Learn about ARC's electronic sales reporting tool that is used to report ticket transactions that are issued by ARC accredited agencies.
  • ARC Memo Manager (AMM) – Learn how to use AMM, ARC's tool that is used to facilitate the issuance, processing and settlement of adjustment ticket transactions.
  • ARC Pay – Learn About ARC Pay and ARC Pay Hub tools.
  • Document Retrieval Service (DRS) – Learn about DRS, an online storage tool that stores ticket transactions up to 39 months.
  • Financial Guarantee - Find out all you need to know regarding the different types of Financial Instruments that ARC accepts and how these types are being handled. Get a more in depth understanding of what is involved in the annual review and when your Financial Instrument amount might have to increase or be lowered. Learn the ins and outs of ARC's Financial Guarantee requirements.
  • Fraud Prevention - Managing the risk of fraud is a constant challenge in the travel industry. Learn about the latest fraud schemes, how to detect them and how to protect yourself and your business. Learn how to enhance customer experience while simultaneously identifying high-risk transactions, managing manual transaction review and reducing chargebacks.
  • Ownership Changes - What are the different types of ownership changes that ARC's Accreditation department processes? What is the difference between an Owner and an Officer? Are you anticipating an ownership change in the future? Learn the ins and outs of the ownership change process to make this a seamless and easy process for your agency.
  • Customized ARC Specialist Training – Let us know your needs, we can conduct this training at your agency for individuals or groups or at our Arlington, Virginia headquarters. We can work with you on what options make the most sense for your business.
  • Other – We can work with you on any other subject matter to meet your specific training requirements. Let us know what they are and we will work to develop your curriculum.