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ARC Payments Forum

The ARC Payments Forum provides a venue for payment experts to collaborate on initiatives that benefit the global air travel community.

Connecting Travel Payment Experts

The ARC Payments Forum covers initiatives such as chargeback resolution, changes to credit card authorization and processing requirements, fraud prevention tools, and the implementation of new and innovative payment initiatives.

The forum also includes essential updates from various card brands, including Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Latest Meeting

2018 ARC Payments Forum in Washington, D.C.

The fourth annual ARC Payments Forum took place June 13-14, 2018 in Washington, D.C. If you are an airline payment expert interested in participating in future meetings, please use the button below to contact us.

Latest Updates

Creating Cost Savings for the Travel Industry

In 2017, the ARC Payments Forum saved the air travel industry $171 million in cost avoidance as the result of collaborative efforts between payment companies, airlines, technology providers and ARC.

Technology Initiatives

Improving Transaction Security

The ARC Payments Forum provides a venue for airlines, technology providers and payment companies to discuss emerging technologies and new initiatives, including 3D Secure.

History & Mission

About the ARC Payments Forum

The goal of the ARC Payments Forum is to bring all participants in the transaction flow together to solve problems and improve processes. The ARC Payments Forum works to ensure the air travel industry’s consistent support of payment acceptance and processing best practices, ultimately providing a positive customer experience, improving risk management, preventing loss, and ensuring cost-effective payment processing. The Forum discusses payment-related initiatives in the industry and works together to identify how to drive the changes required to support those initiatives, whether through education, technology advancements or collaboration.


The ARC Payments Forum (formerly named the Credit Card Working Group) was created in 2015 following card association changes that inadvertently impacted the processing of airline transactions initiated through travel agents.

Because these changes had a sweeping impact on the industry, ARC created a working group to provide a forum for problem-solving, communication and collaboration related to payment processing.

Since 2015, there have been many other changes to payments in our industry, and ARC continues to host the ARC Payments Forum to continually drive new solutions and enhance communication surrounding the latest payment updates.

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