Talk NDC with British Airways

ARC is dedicated to forging connections between airlines and travel agencies, equipping them to do business together in a changing distribution landscape. ARC worked with British Airways as its first test partner for NDC.

British Airways and ARC discuss British Airways’ approach to New Distribution Capability (NDC) and their partnerships with travel agencies. Guest presenters from British Airways Nicola Ping, Manager, Distribution along with Lyle Dalgleish NDC Onboarding Executive for Distribution provided a review of how British Airways has implemented NDC today. They discussed in detail how British Airways’ NDC rollout will impact U.S. travel agents and how travel agents can implement NDC with them. Nicola and Lyle spoke about how NDC isn’t necessarily a silver bullet that will solve all of their distribution challenges – but believe it will be a key enabler that will address the distribution challenges as they presented in the webinar. Jennifer Briede, Manager Settlement Products at ARC spoke about the enhancements ARC made to its settlement platform to support NDC. Throughout this interactive session ARC’s Shelly Younger, Sr. Manager of Industry Relationships asked questions from agents to our guest presenters from British Airways wanting to learn more about this very important topic.