To help travel professionals navigate the challenges of COVID-19, ARC’s Director of Airline Retailing Strategy and Head of NDC, Shelly Younger, and Industry Relationship Manager, Paige Blunt, are sharing resources and insights on what’s happening in the global travel community.

In these videos, they share debit memo and chargeback trends from ARC, new resources available for travel agencies and airlines, and recommendations for how to move forward in an uncertain environment.

About the Debit Memo Working Group: Learn about ARC’s Debit Memo Working Group (DMWG), its members and the recent work it has done to help the industry navigate complexity.

Debit Memo Trends and Industry Collaboration: Hear about the latest debit memo and chargeback trends ARC is seeing, as well as feedback ARC’s team has received from its participating airlines and travel agencies. They discuss ATPCO’s General Rule Zero, the extension of airline ticket validity through ARC, and ARC’s refund and exchange resources.

The Challenges Facing Travel Professionals: Learn what ARC is hearing about the challenges the global travel community is facing, with perspectives from travel agencies and airlines. From refunds and exchanges on a massive scale to managing unused ticket value, travel professionals are adapting to a rapidly evolving environment and working to protect their businesses.

Recommendations for Moving Forward: ARC’s Shelly Younger and Paige Blunt provide recommendations for airlines and travel agencies moving forward, encouraging industrywide collaboration and understanding as companies across the travel ecosystem work with fewer resources.


COVID-19 Travel Trends and Resources for Travel Professionals (Full-Length Video): For insights from all four topics, view the entire video recording.