What is My ARC?

My ARC is your centralized access point to a growing list of ARC tools and resources. It utilizes a single sign on that enables you to have a single user name and password for every application behind My ARC.

Is My ARC a requirement? Do I have to use it?

Yes, you will need to use My ARC if you need access to any of the integrated tools.

What is a tool?

A tool, also known as a product, is any ARC application such as IAR that requires a user name and password.

What is the fee to use My ARC?

There are no fees to use My ARC.

How do I get started?

You must first register and set up a My ARC user account. Registration occurs when a tool is being integrated with My ARC. If your company is already registered, you then need to contact your administrator for My ARC.

How do I access My ARC?

My ARC can be accessed from two places: ARC's corporate website ( or the My ARC login page (

Now that My ARC and ARC's corporate website are integrated, do I need a user account to access ARC's corporate website?

Access to ARC's corporate website does not require a user account. When accessing the corporate website, you will have access to the unsecured pages.

Can I access My ARC from ARC's corporate website without logging into My ARC?

No, you will not be able to access My ARC without logging in using a valid user name and password.

How do I access the unsecured pages of ARC's corporate website from My ARC?

You can access the unsecured pages by clicking the ARC logo located at the top left side of the My ARC page. You can also access it by clicking one of the four navigation tabs located at the top of the My ARC homepage (Solutions, Joining ARC, About Us, and Customer Support).

How do I navigate from ARC's corporate website back to My ARC if I am already logged into My ARC?

You can navigate back to the My ARC pages by clicking the My ARC navigation tab or the Go to My ARC button in the My ARC Login box on the ARC corporate website's homepage.

What are the common pages between ARC's corporate website and My ARC?

The Solutions, Joining ARC, About Us, and Customer Support sections, along with its microsites, are common pages shared by the corporate website and My ARC.

What tools are available on My ARC?

The following tools are available:

  • Accreditation Tool *
  • ARC Pay Hub *
  • ARC Agency List File (ALF)
  • Carrier Bulletins (ASP)
  • Carrier Ticketing Authority Center (CTAC)
  • Carrier Ticketing Authority Center (CTAC - Administration)
  • Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) *
  • Market Locator
  • Online Carrier Reports (OCR) *
  • Working Groups

*Sensitive Data Tools

What are Sensitive Data Tools?

ARC Tools that contain sensitive data such as financial information.

If I am logged into My ARC but on ARC's corporate website, can I log out of My ARC from the corporate website or must I navigate back to My ARC?

Once logged into My ARC you can log out from any page by clicking the Log Out global header link located at the top of each page. In addition, you can log out of My ARC from the homepage of ARC's corporate website by clicking the Log Out button in the My ARC Login box.

When will other tools be included behind My ARC?

Additional tools such as Document Retrieval Service (DRS) and Ticket Resolution Services (TRS) will be added to My ARC as quickly as possible. Adding tools is a complex process. As tools become available, you will be notified through our various forms of communications.

My organization has access to a specific tool within My ARC, but I don't. How can I receive access?

You may request additional tools. The Tools box on the My ARC homepage provides a Request Access link that will allow you to request the tools currently available to your organization. Tools requested must be approved by the Tool Administrator. Once a tool request is submitted, the request is sent to the Tool Administrator.

Now that a tool is behind My ARC, can I access it from its old location?

No, integrated tools can only be accessed through My ARC.

What is the contingency plan if My ARC is unavailable? How will I access integrated tools?

If My ARC is unavailable due to system problems, you will not be able to access any tools behind My ARC until the application is made available. The same procedures that applied to an application when it was down prior to its integration will apply to My ARC.

How can I change my user profile?

My ARC allows you to modify your own user profile. You can modify your user information, change your security questions and change your email options. In the User Info box on the homepage, click the edit link to access your user account.

When updating my user information, must I obtain approval from my administrator?

User information fields that require approval from your administrator will have an "A" beside them. Other fields do not require approval. If you modify a user information field that requires approval, the request will be sent to your administrator, who can approve or deny the request.

I am an administrator; how do I approve or deny a user profile change or a tool access request?

The Administration pages in My ARC provide a Pending Request screen. This screen will provide a list of the pending change requests. You will easily be able to approve or deny a request. For detailed instructions, please refer to the administration section in My ARC's Online Help system. Online Help can be accessed by clicking the Help global header link in My ARC.

What happens if I forget my security questions?

You will be able to change your security questions by editing your user account information from the My ARC homepage.

I forgot my password. Who do I contact to have my password reset for My ARC?

One of the benefits of My ARC is that it allows you to reset your own password. You no longer have to contact ARC or your administrator for assistance! Click the Forgot Password link on the My ARC Login page to initiate the steps in resetting your password.

How often am I required to change my password?

If you have access to at least 1 sensitive data tool such as IAR, you will be required to change your password every 90 days. If you do not have access to any sensitive data tools, your password will never expire.

What is an Account Lock status?

A My ARC account will go into an Account Lock status after three failed attempts of using the correct username/password and three failed attempts of answering your security questions correctly. This status is only applicable to Sensitive Data Tool users.

What is an inactive account?

An account will go into an Account Inactive status if there is no activity within My ARC for 90 consecutive days. This status is only applicable to Sensitive Data Tool users.

What is a suspended account?

A My ARC account will go into an Account Suspended status if there is no activity in My ARC for 120 consecutive days. This status is only applicable to Sensitive Data Tool users.

My account has been deleted, why?

An account will be deleted if there is no activity within My ARC for 150 consecutive days. This status is only applicable to Sensitive Data Tool users

What are the system requirements to use My ARC?

My ARC requires very little in terms of hardware and software. All that is needed is a PC or laptop with Microsoft Windows 98, XP or above, a browser that supports a 128-bit encryption, and an Internet connection (dial-up, cable, DSL, T1, etc.). A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher should be used.

Where can I go for more information and product documentation?

For more information, visit the My ARC login page at You will find comprehensive training and support documentation.

If you have specific questions, travel agents may contact ARC's Customer Care Center at 1-855-816-8003 or If you are an airline, system provider, or hotel representative, please contact ARC's Airline Help Desk at 1-855-816-8007 or