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ARC enables airlines around the world to manage their business relationships with U.S. travel agencies by providing one-stop access to the U.S. agency distribution channel as well as revenue-generating products and financial solutions.


Products to Grow and Enhance Your Business

Direct Data Solutions provide airlines with the industry’s most comprehensive global airline sales, market and passenger itinerary data.

ARC’s Airline BI tool provides airlines with an aggregated view of their air ticket sales data, travel agency performance and market potential.

Revenue Analysis Reports assist airlines in revenue management and reducing losses due to problematic transactions, unusual ticketing and fraud.

Memo Analyzer helps airlines track, benchmark and analyze memo and ticketing data to improve processes and reduce debit memos.

ARC’s Revenue Recovery Service (RRS) assists airlines with effective resolution and recovery on outstanding agency debit memos.

ARC provides settled airline ticket data for effective benchmarking, performance validation and identifying opportunities in an evolving market.

ARC’s AeroGram email delivery service gets your important news and information to ARC’s extensive network of travel agents.

ARC’s Memo Manager is a web-based tool that automates memo processing, communication and payment between airlines and travel agencies.

ARC’s IRS 1099 Processing Service provides an easier and more cost efficient way to comply with IRS filing requirements for commission payments.

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As part of ARC’s commitment to helping airlines advance their businesses, ARC offers on-demand online tutorials designed to provide a variety of insider tips and insights. Topics range from the ARC reporting and settlement processes to how to prevent fraud.

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ARC's participating airlines represent the premier providers of air and rail travel services worldwide.

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